Test machines and test devices

In the field of the product development, product examination and quality assurance, usually special machines are required, which you can`t buy as series-produced products.

According to your specifications, we develop, design and build accurately the machine, which corresponds to your demans, and/or the requirements of a certain standard, directive or guideline.

We are specialized in developing mechanical testing methods for the examination of all kinds of products .

Becaus of our intensive and close co-operation  with TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH in Munich we can develop up-to-date and standard-conform machines for you (particularly within the ranges of sport and leisure devices, mechanics and child safety products).

Some examples of our product range:


  • System for the determination of the HIC value (head injury criterion) at drop protection mats (EN1177 / transportable luggage system)
  • Test stand "child seats for cycles" (prEN 00252017 / Fatigue tests)
  • Soccerball cannon for the examination and development of shoes and balls (in co-operation with the TÜV SÜD for adidas - e.g. the football for the World Cup in Germany was developed with that machine)
  • Test and measuring system for the examination of ski bindings
  • Test and measuring system for the pressure distribution of skis
  • Robot systems for the examination of sports and fitness equipment
  • Dashpot test stand for the examination of cushioning systems for the earthquake resistance of pipe lines in nuclear power stations
  • Ropeteststand for EDELRID

A long time and troublefree operation of our products is guaranteed by the exclusively use of high-quality materials and components (e.g. FESTO, National Instrument, SEW Eurodrive, HBM etc.)