Control Units

In the field of testing and measuring universally usable test standsare very common. They have to fulfill the requirements of a variety of different functions. In that field of application control systems are required, which can be adapted with reasonable efforts to the flexibility of the functions.

For many years programmable logic controls (PLC) have successfully proved to be one of the best solution in this range of application.

If necessary we can integrate all external pneumatic components into our compact 19 " frames, so that the set-up times can be reduced to a minimum.

The advantages  of our universal programmable logic controls in detail:

  • high fail-safe characteristics
  • immediately ready for operation after switching on
  • long life span by high-quality components (e.g. SIEMENS, FESTO)
  • if required pneumatics integrated
  • mode selector switch to the simple change of the program functions
  • if desired pre-programmed for your specific applications

Of cause we also offer machine-specific controls or inexpensive micro-PLCs on basis of the Siemens LOGO® module family.